ACiM Urtext Manuscripts

As is with the Gospels of the New Testament, so is the a fore-mentioned “A Course in Miracles – Urtext Manuscripts” freely available for everyone on the Internet, via the link of both the generous editor Doug Thompson & publisher Doug Monkton:

~ This web-link functions only perfectly with the Firefox browser ~


BUT … we unfortunately discovered recently (since 14-05-2022) that this link is not active anymore and also the website of the publishers ( ) is not functioning now.

AND however … as we properly own the source DvD with the relevant file-material we will make the content of these URTEXT Manuscripts of a Course in Miracles accessible to all of You through this web-site, as soon as we possibly can, with the Blessing of God.

And on the coming renewed platform it will function smoothly in its Originality as well as with the well appreciated and practical Concordance mode. The two official English Bible versions are included as authentic options as well.


For reasons of clarity we have to inform you that long after the first publication of this URTEXT Manuscript by Doug Thompson in 2009 , suddenly a second “Urtext” emerged in 2021 which has thoroughly been edited, expanded with personal notes and published by Robert Perry.

The latter issue is therefore distinctly not the foundation of this Crash-Course, nor the Source of the Mind-training and Mind-set of our “miracle team’ here.