iCourse in Miracles

With this “iCourse” we share a certain way of Life-navigation, useful for the students all over the world of what is known as “A Course in Miracles”, but most importantly useful for everyone who also appreciates and practices the Spiritual Teachings , the Teachings of The Supreme Great Spirit (i.e. God) from the library of the Gospels of the New Testament, especially :

1) The Gospel of The Beloved Companion – the Complete Gospel of Miryam the Migdalah ( i.e. the Tower ),

2) The Gospel of Mary of Magdala – Fragments from the first Women Apostle ,

3) The Gospel of Luke , and

4) The Gospel of John.

Many of us have ourselves experienced daily life becoming disappointing, dis-encouraging and dreadful in the end, or even extremely painful and tragic.
This “iCourse” is therefore meant for those who have at last discovered and concluded, that our life is in fact something like a dream, very like to a nightmare so vivid and seeming real, that we think and feel that we cannot anymore afford ourselves to disbelieve this, as our dreaming the world.

This re-training of the mind , endeavoring a consistent change of mind, is based on the fundamentals of Christian Faith i.e. on the Gospels of the New Testament and importantly on the contemporary sources as is to be found in “A Course in Miracles – Urtext Manuscripts – Complete Seven Volume Combined Edition 2008′′ .

“Urtext” stands for the original and authentic wording of what a course in Miracles for the two scribes Schucman and Thetford became.

And it seems that it was understood and accepted by just one of them. For indeed it is a free to choose curriculum for the individual, with the purpose of profoundly understanding his or her origin and identity.

This occurred to William Thetford and also to Miryam the Migdalah, as they found and disclosed their identity and also their origin in the Supreme Great Spirit, Who is called “god” throughout human history..

ISBN : 978-0-9816984-4-1
ISBN -10 1452810729
ISBN 0-944344-58-5

“iCourse” means internet-based Course, here becoming freely available for everyone.

As is with the Gospels of the New Testament, so is the a fore-mentioned “A Course in Miracles – Urtext Manuscripts” also freely available for everyone on the Internet, via the link of both the generous editor Doug Thompson & publisher Doug Monkton:


This vast library of 11 (!) volumes contains the Coded Information for a practical mind training for the attainment of a Peaceful and Happy mind for everyone, NOW.

It is again the Supreme Great Spirit, the Spirit of Love-force, our Creator, Who comes to our aid to let our mind consistently CHANGE, to choose for the awakening out of our dreaming life and the dreaming of the world. This is based on the Accomplished Forgiveness-Mission of Christ on the Cross, which we can NOW realize with HIS Power of TRUE Forgiveness which we all can claim within the lifelong process of our Mind-Change, eventually through a course in miracles.

In times of a world-wide crisis as of today, I could witness in my Medical profession the many crash-courses which are needed for the coping with the emergency situations at the Intensive Care for a huge and growing number of Corona-virus stricken people, being seriously diseased or perhaps already in a pre-mortal state.

And it is through this vision of the world today, that “A Crash Course in Miracles” emerges, with the purpose to join in the CARE and RELIEF of the mind-based issues of life, of suffering and of death, and thus becoming rather actual in this pandemic crisis.

The Source library containing the 11 volumes as just mentioned, is the consistent foundation of this first urgent Crash Course, preceding the ones that will follow suit.

Remote from any pretension, we gladly invite you to join in with us.

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No DONATIONS needed, so we ask for none.

Here is only SHARING in freedom, with the Great Spirit of Love and Forgiveness ,Whom we know as The CHRIST, as is faithfully exampled by my Teachers: Hendrik Th. Lilipaly, from Indonesia and Tara Singh, from India.